Atama Light Series BJJ GI Black

Atama Light Series BJJ GI Black

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Atama Light Series BJJ GI Black

BJJ GI Outlet Description

The Atama Light Seriest  is one of the best lightweight GIs available. Its made from the best materials and to the highest standard as you would expect from Atama.

The GI jacket has a tailored cut making it fit well and the material is a lightweight pearl weave that’s soft and supple making it very comfortable to wear and train in. The lapel has an EVA rubber core and is covered in rip stop making it very stiff and durable making it hard for opponents to get a decent grip of.

The trousers are made from rip stop cotton. They are lightweight and durable. 

Available in Black, Blue and White.

Atama Description

Made of pre-shrunk light pearl weave fabric. The pants and collar are made of military Rip-Stop fabric.

The Light Series was developed for maximum flexibility, comfort, lightness and allowing the fabric to dry quicker. 

But make no mistake, the light fabric is super strong like most regular gi's. 

This gi is great for training on hot days and competitions, on most BJJ organizations you must weigh-in with the gi on, which makes the Ultra Light a great choice for those who need to loose weight prior to tournaments.

Atama Light BJJ GI size chart

  A1 5'3"- 5'8" 1.60 - 1.72 110 - 140 50 - 64  
  A2 5'7"- 6'0" 1.70 - 1.83 141 - 176 63 - 80  
  A3 5'10"- 6'3" 1.78 - 1.91 176 - 209 80 - 95  
  A4 6'2"- 6'5" 1.87 - 1.95 200 - 250 90 - 113