The top BJJ GIs under £65

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With the growth of BJJ over the last few years, more and more companies have realised that there is a market for high quality affordable GIs. Go back just 3-4 years and you would struggle to get a GI for under £90 in the UK but now there is a massive choice and with quite a few now available for under £65. Some companies are even offering them with a free white belt and/or GI bag. Result!

Below we will outline the top GIs for sale in the UK at under £65.

Valor Bravura BJJ GI

Price: £55-58

The Valor Bravura is one of the best selling GIs in our store and it has been for quite some time. It looks great and the construction is solid as you would expect from Valor.  

The material used on the Bravura GI is used on a few other gis we sell that retail at over £100 most notably the Keiko Limited Series GIs (RRP:£109.99) so you know that you are getting a quality product. The jacket has the right balance between weight and durability.So it is lightweight but still very durable.

No expense has been spared on this GI. Along with the quality material used in its construction It also features appliqué patches on the shoulders and sides of the trousers and woven labels on the inside neck and lower lapel. The pants are made from 10oz canvass cotton and feature a rope drawstring, 4 waist tie loops and reinforced knee to shin area. All stress points are triple stitched. These GIs are built to last!

They are available in white, black and blue and come with a free white belt and drawstring GI bag.

Bravura Limited Series:

Price: £65

The Bravura is also available in 2 other colours in the form of the Limited series. They are made from gold weave cotton which you may already know is some of the best material available when it comes to making a GI. The reason most companies stopped making GIs from gold weave was because of the cost. It is very expensive so most companies switched to cheaper materials when they became available. Look anywhere else and you will see that gold weave GIs retail for upwards of £120 (Keiko Raca Goldweave, Scramble Sengoku etc) so to get one at £65 is simply quite amazing. The benefits of the weave are that it is very comfortable to train in and it is VERY durable even at some of the lighter weighted weaves. They are also great for shrinking to fit.

Please note: The pants are the same on the Bravura and the Bravura Limited series it is just the jacket that is different due to the weaves.

The limited series also comes with a free white belt and drawstring GI bag.

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Tatami Nova BJJ GI

Price: £55-58

The Nova is a great GI at a great price. You really cannot go wrong with one of them as your first gi or to add to your weekly rotation if you train more than a few times a week and are struggling to get your 1 or 2 GIs dry in time for your next session.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years there’s a good chance you will of seen one at your club or a tournament.  The reason for this is that Tatami are known for quality so to get one of their GIs for £55-£58 is a bargain.

The Nova is now on is 3rd or 4th version so like the Bravura it has all of the problems you would expect from a new gi ironed out. This is a good solid reliable GI that will last through many tough sessions on the mat. 

The jacket is made from Tatami’s very own 425gsm High Tech weave which is very similar to the Manto Classic and Gameness Air. Its light weight so along with being used for every day training could be used as a comp GI if you was struggling to make weight for a tournament.

The Nova has woven patches on the shoulders, inside neck, lower lapel and sides of the trousers. The trousers are made from 9oz poly cotton and are double reinforced from the knee to the shin and triple stitched across stress points.

Nova Minimo:

Price: £65

The newest GI from the Tatami camp is the Nova Minimo. It is the same great GI as the regular Nova but without all of the patches. If you like your GIs plain and simple, or just don’t like to stand out when training then look no further than the Minimo. It carries embroideries on the side of the right arm and also the lower skirt at the front. This is fast becoming one of our top selling GIs

Both versions come with a free white belt.

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Predator Estrela BJJ GI

Price: £65

The Estrela is the latest offering from Uk brand Predator fight wear. Predator are one of the oldest and most respected UK BJJ GI brands and they were one of the original UK GI brands along with Tatami so you know that with their GIs you are getting a quality product and something that’s made to a very high standard.

The Estrela is made from a very similar material to the bravura so you know it is built to last. It has stylish patches on the shoulders, lower lapel, inside neck and sides of the pants.

Like the Nova and Bravura the pants also feature a rope drawstring which is much better that the standard flat type. Certain GIs we sell at over £100+ still use the flat type which in our opinion is inferior so to get them on GIs that are under £70 is amazing! 

It comes with a free white belt and also a very stylish drawstring GI bag. They are available in white, blue and black.

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Manto Classic

Price: £65

Manto like Tatami and Valor are known for their quality gear and up until recently retailed all of their GIs at £105 upwards. Like most other companies they have realised that there is a market for entry level GIs. This is great news for the guys that don’t want to spend a fortune on a GI.

The offering from Manto is the Classic and it doesn’t disappoint. Manto are very good at making GIs that are good looking but without going overboard on the design. At first glance the Classic looks a little plain but when you look closer, all of the patches and design elements are designed very stylishly and with a lot of detail. So although it doesn’t have a lot of patches the ones it does have look very good. This is very clever on Manto’s part as it will appeal to the guys who like their GI with patches and also those that like their GIs a little simpler looking.

The material of the GI jacket is very similar to the Nova so it is lightweight and very comfortable to wear and train in. The main difference between the 2 would be the design. If you cannot make up your mind whether you will go with the Classic or Nova then go with the one you prefer the look of because the material used and build quality are equal.

The pants feature the same great reinforcements,  rope drawstring and waist tie as the Bravura, Nova and Estrela and also comes with a free white belt. It is currently only available in white.

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Gameness Air BJJ GI

Price: £65

Gameness are one of the world’s oldest and most respected GI brands. Most of their following is in the USA so they are not as well known in Europe but with a base now in the UK and by sponsoring some of the world’s top fighters including Caio Terra I’m sure this is about to change.

The Gameness Air was made as the ultralight offering for the Gameness GI range and going back only as far as this time last year they were retailing at £105 in the UK and Europe. Gameness are now re-launching it as their entry level GI with a retail price of £65 at the time of publishing. I’m told by Gameness that the price might be reduced in the not too distant future.

 The jacket is very lightweight hence the name but don’t let that put you off buying one they are VERY durable. The Air is made from a comb weave but like the Manto Classic it is a very similar weave to that used on the Nova albeit a little lighter in weight so it could easily double up as a comp GI if you needed to make weight for a tournament.

In terms of design and patches it is very minimal with woven patches stitched on both shoulders and the lower lapel and branded woven tape on the outside off the lower skirt and inside of the sleeve cuffs. Nice touch.

The main difference between the Air and all of the other GIs in this article is the material used on the pants. They are made from Ripstop which is a material that seems to get mixed reviews. Some prefer it as opposed to Canvass cotton and some don’t. Each too their own I suppose.

The belt is sold separately on this one.

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If you are in the market for a new GI but don’t want to spend a great deal then you cannot go wrong with any of the above GIs. All are of great quality and will last a very long time. If you need any more information on these GIs or help with sizing contact us via our contact page and we will be happy to help.